About PGTF

The Prince George Track and Field Club

The Prince George Track and Field Club strives to provide a program of athletics to persons aged 8 to adult in a friendly, competitive sport.

Our objective is to provide a program of athletics and personal development to the youth in our community and region.

Our athletes are coached mostly by volunteer coaches. We encourage our Senior athletes to be involved in the Junior program on a voluntary and paid basis.

Our club is a registered Society in the Province of British Columbia. Rules and policies are established by a Board of Directors consisting of volunteers who are dedicated to the sport.

The Prince George Track and Field Club is funded by British Columbia Gaming Grant.

FLEXIBLE AND AFFORDABLE is what we are all about.  Our program fees range from just $100 for Track Rascals to just a couple hundred dollars for our competitive athletes.

Benefits of Joining

Club History

The Prince George Track and Field Club was formed in 1973 and had an initial membership of about 50 athletes. Practices and track meets were held at Connaught and Lakewood School tracks. Numbers grew each year and we now have a membership of close to 200 athletes.

As the club grew, it became more and more structured.  Today, we are fortunate to have beautiful Masich Place as our home. Each year we have been able to send our Senior athletes to bigger and better meets.

Our club was the original organizer of the annual Labour Day Classic, the Central Interior Corporate Cup, and the elementary school relays.

In 1990, we hosted the BC Summer Games Track & Field Meet; in 1991, the BC Junior Development Championships; in 1994, the Pre-Commonwealth Games Meet; in 1995, another World Class High Performance meet; in 1998, we hosted the Legion National Juvenile Championships — the most successful in its 22 year history! 2001 was a great year, as we hosted the BC Special Olympic Track & Field meet, and in 2002 the BC Senior Games Track & Field Meet.

Club Philosophy

             We encourage athletes from neighboring northern communities to join our club if none is available in their home community. Our club works in cooperation with the school track and field programs by providing equipment, officials, and other assistance, as required.

Our Club provides Scholarships to deserving track & field athletes to assist with furthering their education. Track & Field is a sport in which almost everyone can participate. The primary goal of our club is to encourage personal development of our athletes. Athletes are encouraged to set goals and work to achieve them.

Expectations of Parents & Athletes

We welcome ALL interested athletes of any age or ability.  We do have some expectations of athletes and parents as noted below:

Track & Field Is Fun Yet Competitive.

If your child joins our club and finds that he or she does not like the sport, please do not force them to continue. Contact us and, in most cases, a full or partial refund can be made. It is our opinion that organized sport should be enjoyable for the child.

First Place Isn't The End-Goal

We strive to teach the athlete that coming in near the top of an event is not the only objective in the sport. Honest effort and personal improvement are worth far more than winning a race. Please help us to guide your child so that he or she will learn to accept second or third place, not as a defeat, but as a personal victory.

There Are Rules To Follow.

Help us to teach your child that each sport is governed by a set of rules, and that every participant must follow those rules.

Be Respectful of Decisions

Do not publicly question the judgment of a coach or an official. Remember, they are most likely volunteers and are there for the good of your child and the love of this sport.

Cheer For Everyone

Remember - all children learn best by example. Applaud good performances by others and remember to applaud the personal accomplishment of your children.

Dress Appropriately

Please be sure your child has adequate clothing for training sessions. Jackets and pants can be removed if it is warm enough, but it is difficult to put them on if they are not at the track when it cools off!

Sportsmanship Is Key

We will not tolerate unsportsmanlike behavior by parents or athletes at any time. Profanity will not be permitted at practices or competitions. Violators will be sent home immediately.

We're In This Together

While each of our athletes will compete individually, we are also a Team, and we ask that every parent and athlete support every other parent and athlete on our team.