SUB ZERO Meet Returns

Welcome back to PGTF’s 50th Outdoor Training Season!!!

The club is excited to start our season with our traditional Sub Zero Meet.  This meet is designed for Senior (13+) and Junior Development (8-12) athletes.  This is a starter meet so not every event is offered.  It is geared more for the Senior athletes as they will be heading to the High School Zone 8 Championships May 17th and 18th. This is an inexpensive meet that offers Junior Development athletes the chance to try out competition.  The first 3 events are free for PGTF members!  only $5 per event after.  All non-members will pay $5 Day of Event membership plus $5 per event.  So try them all!

PARENTS: please volunteer as the meet requires BODIES not BRAINS!!

Please note: Training Only Athletes are NOT eligible to participate

Things to Remember About Attending Meets
  • register online before the deadline (May 3, 2022)
  • check for any last minute schedule changes the morning of
  • always attend at least one hour before your first scheduled event 
  • come prepared for all weather: water, rain gear, sunscreen….
  • pick up your competition number at the registration table or from your coach
  • complete a warm up 30 minutes before each event
  • check in with the Marshall or Chief of each event as you are called to do so (follow the event schedule)
  • if you need help look for a coach!