PGTF Masters Virtual Throws Meet 2020

Posted on July 26, 2020

PGTF participated in the World Master Virtual Challenge this past Saturday, July 25th at Lac des Bois fields. The day was beautiful and the competition itself was fun. Although there were only 5 competitors, athlete Kathy McAleese travelled all the way from Galloway, BC to compete with fellow age-category athletes Christine Hinzmann and Joan Harris from Prince George. Jim Dyer, from Quesnel, was the only male athlete competing. Special thanks to the entire Foster family for helping with measurements and retrieval of implements. Thanks also to Max and Marshall Schonewille for acting as chief and lead measurer for every event. With the recent health and safety environment, the virtual competition was held following proper COVID-19 protocols and results were submitted to the Masters Ranking website for entry into the world standings database.