Officials Training

Posted on April 5, 2019

PG Track and Field will be hosting level 1 and level 2 officials training! This is for everyone and a great way for parents to work off their $100 volunteer levy…. just saying 😉

Things you need to know:

Level 2:
*Date – April 26, 2019
*Time – 4:55pm to 10pm
*Location – Kelly Road Senior Secondary (please meet at the front doors by 4:55pm)
Address: 4540 Handlen Road.
*Cost – $25 this covers the handbook

Click here to register

Level 1:
*Date – April 27, 2019
*Time – 9 am to 10:30 am
*Location – Masich Place Stadium

Address: 2121 Massey Drive
*Cost – $0.00 …. that’s right this one is free! So no excuses 😋

Click here to register: 

Participants should make their event preferences clear for the meet. We will schedule them on teams for practical experience.