Newsletter #6 June 15, 2021

2021 Newsletter #
Posted on July 20, 2021


Track Family!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the exciting races and competitions that took place this past weekend at the PGTF’s Spruce Capital Meet.  Congratulations to all the participants! Did you know there were 15 new records set?  Here they are:

Kionae Roberts 13 300m 44.41 46.36 2014
Devyn Bjorn 13 1200m 4.23.31 4.46.28 2014 holder
Natalie Bond 13 1200m 4.25.79 4.46.28 2014 breaker
Olivia Wankling 18-18 400m 1.06.42 New event
Olivia Wankling 18-18 800m 2.35.22 3.35.60 2011
Olivia Wankling 18-19 1500m 5.15.57 7.12.04 2011
Devi Milligan 18+ shotput 9.15m 8.74m 2009
Devi Milligan 18+ discus 24.81m 20.22m 2009 holder
Joan Harris 18+ discus 20.40m 20.22m 2009 breaker
Britta Harris 9 shotput 5.23m 4.87m 2009 holder
Dacia Padilla 9 shotput 4.92m 4.87m 2009 breaker
Adam Sieben 14-15 100m 11.92 12.58 2014
Adam Sieben 14-16 200m 23.93 25.64 2011
Adam Sieben 14-15 300m 38.21 40.46 2011
Calum Westbrook 20+ 100m 11.49 12.67 2011 holder
Brody Yoxall 20+ 100m 12.6 12.67 2011 breaker
Calum Westbrook 20+ 200m 22.71 New event
Brody Yoxall 35+ 200m 25.81 New event
Sam Hopson 9 1000m 4.01.63 4.04.80 2014


Special thanks to the directors, parents and volunteers who made it all happen over the two days.  Although the volunteer list was only 50% full, everyone pulled together to make sure the athletes had competition opportunities.  Thanks for putting up with the weather, too, which seemed more fickle than usual.

Anyone interested in pursuing officiating training, please consider completing the online modules made available by Athletics Canada.  Check out the info on our webpage here.  It is easy and fun plus, the 2022 BC Summer Games will be in town next year needing your help.  Let the club know if you need more info or support to complete the modules.

The new stage 2 opening for the province has allowed some changes to our club COVID protocols at the stadium.

  1. 50 spectators will be allowed to physically distance in the stands of the facility.
  2. Athletes and spectators must still complete the daily online health check.
  3. Masks must be worn by all spectators.
  4. Both stadium parking lots will now be open. Please be careful if you are still dropping athletes off, make sure they arrive at the gate safely.
  5. If using the Griffith parking lot gates, please walk to the breezeway at the centre of the stands, sanitize and proceed up to seating.
  6. There will be no walkers allowed at the facility.

Don’t forget that our Spring Session wraps up by June 30th, but Summer Session has lots of available spaces for all levels of athletes.  Summer Session starts July 6th and happens just 2 days per week (Tues/Thurs) so that athletes can spend weekends with family while maintaining training.

All graduating members of PGTF are eligible to apply for the Al Rivas/ Angie Kohut Memorial Scholarship.  Application info is on the club website.  Deadline is July 31st, 2021.

Newsletters will still be sent out over the summer with information regarding scholarships and indoor winter training.  Keep in touch!