Newsletter #4 May 12, 2021

2021 Newsletter #
Posted on May 12, 2021


Please be aware that at some practices close to 100 athletes are being dropped off at the stadium.  Consider these tips:
  • Always pull as far forward in the drop off zone as possible
  • Use the second entrance into the parking lot if the first is busy
  • Be extremely watchful and drive slowly when in the parking lot
  • Use a parking spot to drop off your athlete if the drop off zone is too busy
Please DON’T:
  • Block traffic on Massey Drive waiting for a spot in the small drop off zone
  • Stop in the middle of the parking lot to drop off athletes and block traffic flow
  • Be impatient with others trying to get their athletes to practice safely
PGTF uses this app to send last minute messages regarding activities and cancellations.  Please join up by texting the following codes to (705) 805-2968:
PGTF Juniors: text code @9747ch
PGTF Seniors: text code @eaakbd
Track Rascals: text code @ke8gg2
Our next home meet will happen the weekend of June 12 and 13.  The actual day and time of each event is not finalized yet so please stay tuned.  Parents will be needed again to help run events. will be used again to fill volunteer spots.  The last meet ran so well, I am so grateful to everyone who helped out.  I do hope you’ll come out again to help your athletes and the club.
Competition singlets have been ordered and we are hoping they will arrive for our Spruce Capital Meet.  Complete cost will be detailed before pick up of the jerseys.  Technical shirts with full logo are also available for order at Alison’s Embroidery and can be worn for competition.

The club has many track shoes with spikes available for athletes to borrow for competing.  It’s always best to pick them up early and practice in them before a competition. They are stored in the dungeon on the shelving.  Just return the spikes at the end of the season.
Thank you to everyone who managed to attend the club AGM last month.  I am happy to welcome Gina Layte Liston, Natsuko Komine and Bryce Gladdish to the board of directors.
Thank you to all parents for following the Provincial Health Order that does not allow spectators at club practices. This includes not hanging at the fence inside the throwing field.  We are not the only club struggling with this issue and noncompliance can have severe consequences. This message was posted on Ocean Athletics’ site:
All practices occurring the May long weekend (Sat and Mon) are cancelled.  Enjoy time with your family.
Ciao for now,
Elena Thomas