Here are the latest notes for our members:

Posted on April 11, 2018
  1. We cannot start our season until the snow is clear from the field.  Sorry that it’s taking so long but that is out of our control L  Please keep yourself up to date by checking our webpage regularly.  We have postponed until next week for now but are not feeling optimistic that the weather will cooperate.  It may take another week after that!  We will do our best to keep the webpage current.
  2. After discussions with charter bus companies and a few members, it was decided that travelling as a club to the Dylan Armstrong Classic in Kamloops is both inconvenient for most and expensive for all.  Sorry for the let down if you were really looking forward to the trip but there will be no group bus.  However, it would be great if we could do our best as a club to share rides to keep costs down and reduce the size of our footprint.
  3. Deadline approaching! If you are interested in staying at the same hotel as the club in Kamloops, here is the info you need: the Holiday inn Express  at 1550 Versatile Drive in Kamloops for May 4th – May 6th.  That is 12 standard rooms with two queen beds at a rate of $138.00 plus tax per night.  Breakfast is included and runs from 630-930 daily.  The 12 rooms will be held in the group block until April 13th, 2018 at which point any unclaimed rooms will be released. All guests must call in directly to the hotel to create a reservation and supply a credit card to guarantee their reservation.  Group name:  Prince George Track and field club; code:  E4EG2; Reservation # for the Holiday inn is 1-877-660-8550
  4. If you need more info about the Dylan Armstrong Classic in Kamloops May4 and 5, here is the link:  Parents, you must register your own athlete via trackie.
  5. For those without track meet experience:
  1. Athletes must show up at the stadium at least one hour prior to expected start time of their event.  Event times can be moved ahead or behind officially by 30 minutes without notice.  Athletes will want time to warm up before each event.
  2. Be prepared for all types of weather – bring jackets, pants, shorts, hats, water bottles and sunscreen – don’t forget your club singlet
  3. The club usually sets up a “camp” at the track with shade and seats, first aid and coolers.  Please join in.
  4. The designated head coach will pick up all registrations and will have them available at the “camp”.
  5. Athletes must wear their numbers on the front of their singlets during competition
  6. Ribbons are usually handed out a short time after events have completed
  7. Listen carefully for marshaling calls over the PA system so athletes don’t miss events
  8. If an athlete has two events occurring at the same time, track events take precedence over field events – however athletes must check in with the Marshal for each of their events; sometimes throws or jumps can be made up or missed

Fingers crossed for warmer weather!!