Congrats 2021 Scholarship Recipients

Posted on November 23, 2021

Congratulations to all of PGTF’s recipients of the Al Rivas/Angie Kohut Memorial Scholarship.  PGTF wishes them all well in their future educational and sport endeavours.

Sophia Mahmoud

Sophia has become a fixture at the track as both an athlete and coach. After coach certification in Spring 2022, Sophia will be joining the senior coach team as PGTF's hurdle specialist. She is now attending the Nursing Program at CNC, putting in 110% effort as usual!

Max Whitehouse

Max has been with the club just a short time but he is hard to miss out on the track! After posting personal best times in the 400m and 1500m this season, he is now spending his time studying engineering at UNBC. We hope to see him again next season!

Avery Sieben

Avery will be dearly missed next season by PGTF's youngest athletes. After several years of coaching, Avery took on the role of Track Rascal Head Coach and did a fantastic job. Her endeavours have taken her off to UBC where we know she will accomplish great things in Biomedical Engineering.

Olivia Wankling

Olivia came to the club for cross training several years ago. Her first love is soccer. Despite that Olivia is now a club record holder for the Spruce Capital Meet since breaking the 2011 records in both 800m and 1500m. PGTF wishes Olivia success at UBC in both education (Science) and sport.