2016 Track & Field Registration

Posted on January 24, 2016



Outdoor registration (in person) begins with our first workout for the senior group on April 2nd at 10 am at Masich track.  We have workouts Saturday morning, then Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm the first week.  The juniors start on April 9th.  From then on we are at the track Saturday, Monday-Thursday.

ON-LINE REGISTRATION has finally arrived for our Club.  Please visit http://www.trackiereg.com/PGTF . This super simple process is now available at no extra cost to our Athletes.

The $100.00 Levy cheque will still be required, postdated to September 5, 2016 for 10 hours of your time at our Track Meets (not applicable to Track Rascal Athletes).  This can be dropped off at first practice.

Come by and find out more about our plans for the 2016 season.   You can find out more about our various programs and fees under “Our Programs” tab on our website at https://www.pgtrackandfield.ca


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