Sub Zero Meet 2019

To be held at Masich Place Stadium
April 27th, 2019
Deadline to register: Apr 24th at 23:59 (Pacific Time)

Sub Zero Meet 2018 cancelled due to lack of a facility

Sub Zero Meet 2017

Subzero Meet Package 2017

Sub ZeroRegistrationOthers

Sub ZeroRegistrationPGTF

Online registrations here:

Hytek Meet registration file

 NCD High School Meet May 16/17

Team Manager for Track & Field Lite (TFTM 4 Lite)
1. Go to
2. Click Track and Field tab
3. Scroll down, click Lite next to Team Manager 4.2
4. Click Run or Save

Note: Run initiates installation immediately
Note: Save stores file locally on computer (double-click to initiate installation)

TM_Lite user guide.